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3D Audio

3D Audio / Binaural Audio, use your headphones for surround sound on stereo headphones

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Sounddesign for Film

In a jungle full of wild animals lives a young orphan boy who one day meets an elephant named Lucky. The two friends go out together to conquer the world. It is on their way they will discover the art academy where elephants can learn painting. Lucky will quickly become famous for her artistic talents, but then he will fall in love with Candy, a female elephant. A lifestyle change that may affect the relationship between Lucky and the boy ...

Sounddesign Filmopener

Shortfilm "Amen"


Sounddesign Composition

Ny Times 14 Actors Acting

Sounddesign-Music rearranged by Moritz Hauk im Rahmen meines Kompositionsstudiums

Trailer Sounddesign

Sounddesign-Stemp including some foley sounddesign and orchestral elements

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